The centre will not hold.

It is election year in New Zealand. We have a series of parties, but, as is the case throughout the commonwealth, there are no neoreactionary parties. »

Oath of Fealty.

I have a soft spot for Jerry Pournelle, and the issue he raises here is one that my father rails about. He points out that being »

More adjustments.

One of the issues with ghost themes is that they integrate disqus, google analytics and social media. I have looked at a bunch of various such »

A modest proposal.

About two months ago I was talking to an elder in my church. He is a General Practitioner (Family Practitioner in the UK) and runs a »

Utopias, updates, themes.

This place is content driven. I'm trying to think through the issues of this fin de siecle about a decade after Moldbug and using a different »