Hatred among the usual suspects.

Every week, Social Matter releases the readings of the week. This is long, and at times challenging. I do not recommend you read everything: I do suggest you read the post, and then follow the links that intrigue you.

I hope we’ll remember it was Andrew Anglin or Matthew Prince who truly broke the Internet. There’s more humor in blaming an Irishman for the damage, but Cloudflare’s unprecedented act of admitted censorship against him is your sign.

Considering Google’s Damore Affair and the response to Charlottesville, we can better understand Heidegger’s claim that the essence of technology is by no means anything technological. Its essence is a frame of mind (“enframing”) that views human populations, strains of discourse, ideation, as manageable resources and flows. Facebook announces it will steer how Daily Stormer articles are shared. Every firm in the Bay Area competes in a ritual purge of crimethink.

These addled hysterics do not see themselves as wage slaves for data combines. They believe that their work is expelling the Negative from the Social. They are parties to a form of violence more powerful than anything seen in Charlottesville, or any of the other cartoon demonstrations to come. This is the violence of consensus. ...

Though it employs elite engineers who perform heroic feats almost daily, Google is still at its core a mere advertising company, and it has made the Internet a sewer of ads. At some point a moving front of companies along with Apple or another giant will break their business model with an Internet payments layer. This is inevitable. Whence, then, comes its hubris to elect itself an enforcer of American monothought? Are these just Conquest’s Laws at work?

We may not have an answer, but we all dimly understand that we hate Google for its transparent exercise of power. We all understand that we hate Facebook and the rest of Silicon Valley for creating and exercising this level of control from such empty pretenses.

This is happening fairly fast. As the social media are dying (and they are: facebook is lost to the millenials, and so is twitter: they are on Discord or Snapchat: even instagram is for the oldies) many of the people I read are stopping writing.

It has become too risky. Moreover, real life is more important. They have families to preserve and networks to build. Because this period of hatred will burn out, and our families will still need to live.

There are eras of madness, which is why I focused on Weimar and why Spandrell carefully focuses on Chinese historical examples. You are living in one.

I also have spent a year now telling people to get out into real life and engage. Be the lighthouse. Even Dreher gets it. Not the Spencer/Enoch type engagement but real positive activities. I would like to put into practice some of the things I have as ideas, including some I have discussed with some of you. I already have professionals biting on two of them. Half of victory is marketing. We have great ideas and work with the truth; we just need slick marketing.

I will keep writing. If you see something that looks like it is me, it might be. Maybe like Handle inspiring me, someone will pick up the slack and do a good rip off of me. I will be working privately on things and with my guys. We absolutely have to network and build infrastructure for this storm. I want to expand the network so you wonder if the competent men of your area are one of us. The great families of the middle ages were formed by those that were stable and competent during the fall of Rome. We have to create a favorable climate on the ground for our crowd to move, act and work in. We also have to create outward facing programs that funnel people to us and build outside of the current system.

We have to stop being keyboard warriors and make small changes that we can repeat all across our nation to make real change. We can't do it bottom up though. We need tangible results to present to any elite that this is a bad course we are on, and it must change. Why would they want to rule ashes? That's what their adherence to the prog system is. It's power but it's civilizational suicide.

The left in Silicon Valley are moving into a form of virtue signalling, akin to that of the Red Guards under Mao and is murderous wife, that has not a brake built in. This will fail.

The political left, the antifa, their islamic shock troops and their apologists among the press now rule twitter and facebook. Let them. Those platforms are now for trolling, not communication. We will build better.

Better still, we will build the networks face to face, and let the blockchains then follow.