Moldbug is still relevant.

There are many in what is considered the alt right who are over concerned about the tribe. Their euphemism is the Jewish Question, and they worry as much about is as the Democrats finding Russians in the Republicans.

I don't care. Many of the best theorists are Jewish. Or Russian. Or both. They have the advantage of a classical or Talmudic education: the Stalinists let the social justice warriors wreak havoc in the West, but not within the Soviet Socialist Republic.

That is not to say that theorists like Moldbug are not dense, or hard to understand. This is one of his last bits: the main theme of which is that the social activists of the modern age are as provincial as the most obtuse zampolit.

Is there anyone else in the room who's here because he's just plain embarrassed by the present world? The past is a foreign country, someone once said. If the past is a foreign country, someone else said, a reactionary is a patriot of that country. Almost an exile from it.

And unlike the presentist, who sees the past as a tiny, backward and contemptible province of his vast eternal present, the reactionary knows the opposite. The present is a province of the past. Yes, it's true - like any province, it has its specialties. The food, for instance. The iPads - superb. The movies - never better.

But overall! Stuck here like Ovid among the Pontic Greeks, Augustus beyond deaf to all appeal, the civilized man can only murmur: barbarus hic ego sum. Does he wish for friends? He has no shortage - he could not imagine better. No, what he really needs is a better grade of critics. The bar is too low. And when you're trying - absurdly of course, but with real feeling - to write sub specie aeternitas, that's what kills ya.

In Rome, of course, critics were no problem. Out here in Pontus, it's pretty much all, you talk like a fag. What makes the provincial critic so grimly, hilariously terrible is that he imagines himself not just equal to the wits of the metropolis, but vastly superior. Is it even possible to respond? Shall the man of letters respond: "excuse me, 'Dr. Lexus,' but I am resolutely heterosexual - as if it mattered - and 'my shit,' as you call it, is anything but 'all retarded'?"

But the present world, province though it be, has some advantages. It does exist and we do have to live here. So, from one barbarian to another, perhaps a brief comment is in order.

Not to the original source. Argue with Dr. Lexus? Really? With Mr. Jones? When Mr. Jones is not quite sure whether he's a belletrist or a Stasi-Mann (apparently "Doxing 101" is the cornerstone of the media and communications major these days at Pontus State); when neither he nor his undoubtedly overworked copy editor can balance a quote, place a comma, or master the mysterious art of the proper noun - forget it, Ovid. It's Pontus.

No, obviously no one should ever respond to a journalist. (Or a Stasi-Mann.) It's a mistake to think these people have opinions. They have careers. They're paid by the click and not paid well. If you or I had Mr. Jones' job, we'd write what he writes or lose it - maybe in slightly better English. It's a mistake to anthropomorphize Mr. Jones. He's a piece in a machine.

It helps if you know some classical literature, that the Stasi were the secret police in the German Soviet Democratic republic, and that the ideas of the provinces never were tested, in ancient times, until they were in the capital: the centre of the empire.

But there are now no empires, merely bureaucrats and parliaments of fools.

Is Moldbug and the critiques that have led to an alternative to the failed neoliberel experiment relevant? You be the judge.

But the failed world of politicians, mass media, and mass movements has lost any utility.